The Winter Solstice Ritual has left me with a feeling of warmth, hope, connection and wise guidance.

  • Connection to my fellow community members and the common journey of being human.
  • Guidance on how to move forward with life, grounded in the generous wisdom spoken by the spirits of the four directions.

In this ritual four people from the community are assigned to listen and speak what the direction has to teach us for the upcoming year. Each year that I’ve attended the ritual I’m amazed at how the directions seem to be speaking to me personally and bring light to where and how I can let go of and change behavior, habits and my thoughts to better align with the blueprint of my life. We intentionally give what we want to let go of to the fire after listening to the teachings and wisdom from the directions and to the other community members attending the ritual.
In summary the directions spoke about the following:

  • East, Water spoke about the flow and how humorous it is that we humans choose to resist rather than surrender and go along with the flow that is designed especially for our life. For me personally it shed light on the fear I have about what’s next in my life and that I need to have faith that what ever is ahead will be alright. The Gods have given me what it will take and will support me to get through whatever is presented.
  • North, Wind spoke of change, how wind brings change. Change is good. Wind asked us to imagine what it would be like if there was no change. Wind brings the weather, it’s nourishing and intense storms. The Wind works much the same way in our lives., the great storms, the beautiful calm days, the refreshing rains, the intense heat and wind that will make us strong in the end. What would our lives be and who would we be without the Winds gift? I heard I need to listen and accept the changes I’ve been gifted.
  • West, Death spoke of the fear of death in our culture. For me personally Death brought up my personal experiences of death, all the little deaths and near deaths. Every body experiences many deaths in a life time. How I approach the doorway of death is what matters to me. Walk through the doorway courageously, humbly, gratefully and ready to receive the transformation. I am one who feels the grief of the loss of what I know and what I’ve become accustomed to and comfortable with. The grief is equal to how well and fully I’ve lived and I will leave it as an offering gift at the doorway, hopefully.
  • South, Flint Knife spoke of sharpness. Of cutting away the “bullshit”. My thoughts went to my mind and the false stories “fake news” it can make up. Cut that away. Stand tall, straight, sharp, with no “bullshit” in my truth.

In years past the wisdom and teachings of the directions appear throughout the year, giving loving reminders of their wisdom and encouraging me. May it be so for you too.

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