Mesa Life Project

A community learning to live deeply connected to the Land and the cycles of life.

The land of the Mesa Life project and it’s community offer unique opportunities for personal healing, growth and learning. Join us for workshops, retreats, events and a chance to experience a community committed to living the cycles of life, from Spring through Winter.


Welcome to the Home of Mesa Life

Heart Storm Opportunity


We invite you to join the Mesa Life council for heart storming and conversation of the projects’ visioning, planning and future.


See the vision, join the mission.

CLICK HERE to check out our BUILDING PHOTOS. A big thank you to all who volunteered time and money.

Mesa Life is unfolding with permission from the land and nature spirits. To fully live here we, as humans, need to rediscover a way of life where the spiritual agreements with the ancestors are rekindled. We are stewards of the land and we engage in a relationship of exchange for nature’s generosity. A healthy relationship with the creeks, the sun and earth, the weather, plants and animals, and fire, brings forth a regenerative lifestyle that will carry on and sustain life for years to come. ~ Deanna Jenne’, Council Leader

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