The Mesa Life Project is a living demonstration of the Celebration of Life. Year round, we honor the stages of life.

Please Come and Participate in the celebrations, ceremonies and rituals we offer! Most activities are open to the public. Let us know you are coming. Stay on the land. Learn more about the whole way of living here at Mesa Life!

We are always excited to welcome new applicants and members, both residential and participating, to our growing community.

The Full Circle Living Mandala

The Full Circle Living Mandala for Mesa Life is a visual representation of a regenerative lifestyle. The seasons, anchored by the directions, mark the sacred time for celebrations, ceremonies and rituals for a balanced life. In earth-centered cultures, such as Mesa Life, the Sacred Fire is at the center with the world axis of sky and weather, earth and earth spirits honored, to bring forth a multi-dimensional and spiritual component to our lives.

Within this cycle, we support Lifeways programs offered by the Sacred Fire Community to enrich our human ‘seasons’, starting with the Niekame birthing program, the Initiations for young men and women into adulthood, Ukalai and Ukalei retreats for women and men, and the Death and Dying program. See www.sacredfirecommunity/Lifeways.

The shamans of the village perform life’s transitional rituals such as baptism, the joining of two people in marriage, and funerary rites for the deceased.




Spring Equinox is March 20th. Marking mid-Spring and the equality of light and darkness, we often celebrate this day of new beginnings and more light.

Dance of Creation In April. We reenact the sacred story of the Grand Mesa, canyons, and rivers as the animals dance to lift the sky and receive guidance from the great mountain.

Colorado River Ceremony At its peak, Snake Woman’s origin story is told riverside and offerings are made to her for bringing water to the desert and the millions.


Planting Celebration Early summer is the time for planting the Painted Hill Corn. The sacred corn flour is used in ceremonies throughout the year.

Gratitude to the Sun Ceremony  An evening of Solstice ritual followed by taking special offerings to the Mountain Where the Sun Sits in gratitude to the Sun the next day.

Horno Bread Baking  Gather to bake in the outdoor bread oven in early August, to honor the first grain harvest and beginning of fall.


Harvest Festival  After the Fall Equinox offerings are taken to the sacred lake and mountain on the Grand Mesa for rain and snow of the year. The harvest and waters are celebrated in a Festival down below.

Dying & Death   In early November the veil thins between the worlds. We honor our ancestors and deceased loved ones at this auspicious time with a specialty fire.

Thanksgiving Celebration  In late November we gather to celebrate our abundant lives and gather at the fire.


Gratitude for the Return of the Sun  On the Winter Solstice, we gather to rejoice the light returning. A special ritual & fire is held.

Sacred Story Telling  In January we gather to tell and to listen, honoring the ancient stories of this place.

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