Mesa Life started on bare land. For the first two years we walked into the property. Now there is a graveled road to the first house site, a well, a Council House (the Consultorio), an outdoor kitchen, bathroom and shower, designated ceremonial space and clearings for camping. It’s taken many hands and many hours to do this. The land and current infrastructure is paid. Many programs and actives have been held on the land. Sacred Stories recount the ancient ways here. That’s a lot of fun and a lot of work!

You are Invited to Make a Dream Come True

Since the guidance to create Mesa Life the core membership is now ready to live on the land full-time. That means we become stewards of the land, its inhabitants and the Mission of Mesa Life. Residential members are shareholders so no one actually owns this project. It’s for the people. This way emulates, as close as possible, a more natural way of living in a community. No one owns land, no one owns anything, really. We are shareholders and we share in the responsibility of caring for this place.

We need your help to actualize Full Circle Living and demonstrate that it can be done, in our world today. Please join us in this Vision, so that generations to come, maybe even your Grandchildren, can enjoy a community life that demonstrates how we humans, need each other to thrive.

Many hands make light work. ~ Ken Heywood

Be a Contributor to the Vision of Mesa Life

If you have time, join us during work parties or just come and stay and help as needed. If you have money but no time, we need financial help with several projects that enhance community gatherings and learning opportunities. We are happy to receive contributions and loans. If you have both, then we can do both! We also need building materials, have places to dedicate on your behalf. Not only workers but players, too, are welcome. During work projects it’s fun to have musicians, cooks and servers. We need a lot of this type during big work projects! Let us know you are coming by contacting us.

Here’s How You Can Help:

Community Lending Program – An in-house way to lend money for specific projects – for more information click here.

  • Loan to Build Residences. We accept loans from $5,000 to $100,000 at reasonable terms.
  • Loan for Well. In the future we will need to dig a second well. Cost is $7-10,000.
  • Loan for an In-the-Ground Cellar. $5,000. Root crops grow well here and we need a place to store food.

Contributions – We accept gifts and contribution of time for community centered projects. Some of the projects include:

  • The Community Workshop: This building will be built this spring. It is the Central Power House for Mesa Life Project. All energy for the MLP is generated here. It holds two public spaces for classes and workshops, community gatherings, bathroom facilities, and an upstairs dormitory.  It also holds a work area for tools, carpentry and materials. Helping hands and $100,000 is needed.
  • The Fire Pavillon: For many years we’ve had a portable structure for Community Fires. It’s time to build a permanent structure to host Community Fires and events like Grandfather Fire Audiences. We envision a circular structure made from the Juniper of the land. Helping hands and $10,000 is needed.
  • Yurts: For housing workers, guests and retreats. A twenty foot yurt new is about $20,000.  We will happily take used in good condition.
  • Teepees: For housing for workers, guests and retreats. A twenty foot teepee new is about $2,500. We will happily take used in good condition.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Completion: More shade to build, bamboo-style 8′ blinds (3), kitchen garden with fence, the Horno (bake oven) and stucco fence around the area to keep large animals out. $5,000.
  • Machinery: For building. We are happy with used machinery in good working order.
  • Greenhouse, gardens, fruit trees, watering systems and high fences (to keep deer and elk out): We will be feeding many people for the many ceremonies, celebrations, and activities at Mesa Life. Used equipment in good working order will be appreciated greatly. Gift a Fruit Tree in your name! We will consider a used greenhouse.  Need fencing. Gift a fence post!
  • Rainwater Catchment: It’s legal in Colorado to catch water now! We need large 1000+ gallon rain barrels to catch water for the gardens and orchard.
  • Road completion: A fine layer of gravel for a 5/8 of a mile road. $10-20,000.
  • Finish for all wood and plaster finishes: Heritage Natural Finish. $5000.  See website
  • Food for the Workers: This summer we will feed everyone every day. $5,000 and food gifts greatly appreciated.

Gift Your Time:

  • The Spring and Summer of 2017 marks the first time for big building projects. Here are a few (please watch for more details in the near future):
    • Become an Apprentice to learn Timber Frame technique from EcoNest Builders – 2 week long class
    • Become a Builder of Larsen Truss Light Clay-Straw walls – 3 week long class
    • Volunteer to help build the Workshop building
    • Volunteer to help make Light Clay-Straw walls and learn at the same time
    • Volunteer to help make beautiful Adobe Floors and learn at the same time
    • Volunteer to help Plaster walls and learn at the same time
    • Landscaping, gardening and tree planting volunteers and advisors
  • Musicians to play while working and after work!
  • Kitchen Creatives
    • We are feeding everyone! Volunteer to help feed the workers!
    • Food for the summer: garden produce happily cooked!
    • Bread and Pizza bakers
    • Dishwashers & laundry

Prayers:  Enjoy sending the stewards of this project your prayers. We know how well prayer works and we are so so grateful for the time and love and care you give through prayers. The prayer would be:  “For Mesa Life Project to Fulfill their Mission in the World”. You can always add, “with ease” and “with abundance”.  Thank you so much!



Intern at Mesa Life

College Interns are Welcome.


  • Community Living
  • Regeneration
  • Nature Connection
  • Earth Honoring Practices
  • Stewarding Land
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Consensus Process
  • Full Circle Living
  • Celebration of Life
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Building Practices


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