Dear Fire Community,

As many of you know, a number of us in the high desert of Western Colorado came together through a shared vision and stubborn longing for a way of life that enabled and encouraged a deeper connection with the land and with each other. An intentional community known as the Mesa Life Project, this sacred enterprise has been guided by Grandfather from its inception and continues to be a core vocation for all of us to this day.

And today, I’m thrilled to report, we have reached a critical threshold.

After years of preparatory work, we have applied to several banks for a construction loan that will fund both the first dwelling and a community workshop. All the paperwork was submitted at the end of last week, and we expect it will be examined in earnest this week. It’s an enormously exciting time of potential and possibility in which we ask that you both share and participate.

“Trust in Allah,” the proverb says, “but tie up your camel.”

Well, we’ve tied up all the camels. All that’s left is to trust.

We ask that you sincerely join with us in trusting Divine Providence.

That you open your hearts with us in preparing to receive what we truly need.

And that you pray with us that the Mesa Life Project be blessed with the means to transform from dream to reality.

Finally, we thank everyone for your enduring and indispensable support. As you know, it’s been… a few years now. But your love continues to quietly fuel our fire and bless this endeavor with a roaring chorus of courage.

May we together keep re-membering the village as a communion of heart and the sacred ground of all of our lives.


the Mesa Life Council

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