A place to gather a place for healing.

It was time to build. We had a few dollars and felt the Council House, affectionately known as the ‘Consultorio’ would be the first building on the property. It is a place to gather, to meet and a place for healing. This place represents our primary focus, to heal. To heal ourselves and those who seek healing. To heal a way of life that has been unsustainable, unworkable, and undeniably rich in materialism.

The Consultorio symbolizes our desire to be connected to Mother Earth. She was dreamed. And we listened to the dream. By 2010 she was well on her way to being built, with the help of many friends, she began to take shape. With eight sides, a Juniper post in each corner as her legs, aspen wood for her ceiling, stones from the land as her boots, the neighbor’s straw and the clay earth from the hole in which she rose out of as her belly, she has risen from Mother Earth and represents the natural world. She has windows to see out of and for sun to warm her insides, a wood stove for the fire in her belly.  The east entrance welcomes people and the west doorway ushers one out, transformed. Her adobe floor holds the richness of groundedness while the roof catches the rain to water the plants that surround her.

Where she lives and serves her people is a sacred place. Many activities have aleady happened here. She’s the first place we go when we come to the land. A fire pit on the outside hosts many who come to sit at the fire and a temazcal or sweat lodge, is used often for healing and equinox and solstice ceremonies. We welcome you to visit this magical place, built by the hands of many of Mother Earth for our people.

We accept donations to help defer the cost of this healing space.


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