What was years of working out the bureaucratic legal issues of a road easement with a local rancher who’s family has lived here for 100 years, the public lands held by the Bureau of Land Management and with our property’s title insurance company, the Spring of 2016 birthed a road to the driveway of the first house to be built.

“It’s a beautiful gravel road, curvy and magnificent in it’s snake like windiness”, says MLP member Heidi Griswold. The metaphoric journey of a road less traveled, the obstacles and openings, sinking into the mud and hitting rocks, have all been a part of our learning while we held the project’s vision, patience speaks to the importance that the project holds for our people, knowing that many teachings and lessons come with the wait. Time also unfurls the values we hold for the project and its mission, and teaches us how to slow down, listen to the world around us, that wants to tell us how to live in this place, how to make and call it home and gives us the trials of life which will ultimately lead us to becoming a local!  And more importantly (for all of us) it speaks to what this project means and will be for the next seven generations.

Many thank you’s for the learning, the struggles, the joy, the journey!

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