Kathy is the mother of her son Justin, born in 1995.  He is the best experience in life that she will ever have the blessing to know and experience in this lifetime.  Experiencing Justin’s birth into the world, seeing his growth and learning as a child, and watching his transformation from adolescent into young man, has been her most amazing journey and privilege in life.  Justin is her number one passion in life.

Kathy is a Healer and a Licensed Massage Therapist in Grand Junction, CO and she absolutely loves sharing and passing on her skills and knowledge of the art of massage to her students at IntelliTec College.  She is the Massage Program Supervisor there and has an affinity for helping others along the path to bringing peace, relief, and healing to the world.  She is also very passionate about birth and bringing new life into the world. She is a Homebirth Student Midwife, Co-facilitator of the “SFC Lifeways Heart Of Birth Program” and a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Her healing gifts and passions awakened when she first experienced a Reiki treatment while living in Saudi Arabia, back in 2000. A door opened and it has been a non-stop journey on a passionate path to exploring her gifts in healing and being with birth. Along that journey she has become a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Doula, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, PBi Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist/Mentor, CPR Instructor, and Massage Instructor.

Kathy brings a great deal of business and computer experience to the Mesa Life Project. Even though we are “green”, connected to the natural world, and steeped in a deep relationship to the spirit of fire, we still find the need to operate in the current world paradigm and that means lots of computer work and number crunching. Kathy brings a love for bringing the heart into the digital numbers world.

Kathy has a deep commitment to the projects that are close to her heart. Having worked as Executive Center Director for the Blue Deer Center and as the Database Manager for the Sacred Fire Community, she considers her “Heart Projects” (work with the Sacred Fire Community, Mesa Life Project, AAMI Midwifery Studies, Heart Of Birth Program (SFC Lifeways Birthing Neikame Council), healing practice, and “life learning” of her son) to be her life’s work.

“It is very profound to really learn to know someone, and extremely healing to be known.”

The shamanic work done by our Marakames, and the healing work of Plant Spirit Medicine has changed her perspective on life and how she walks in the world. This healing has inspired a passion that brought Kathy to the Mesa Life Project to live in a community that is connected to the natural world and each other. Kathy loves building homes from the earth that we walk upon each day and living in a community so dedicated to personal relationships and taking guidance from our hearts.

“In living life in connection with everything and everyone around you, you’ll find you just can’t do it any other way.”

Kathy enjoys drumming around the fire, community meals and fires, smoking cigars, jewelry making, quilting, knitting, gaming, chillout music, her MacBook Pro (LOL), designing databases, big doggies/little kitties, and all things childbirth.

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