Deanna Jenné is first mother to Katie and wife to Gary Weidner. Deanna has put her heart and soul into raising Katie with values she adheres to, being a supporter of community and working hard and with integrity for what she believes in.

She has spent many years to train and become initiated as a marakame (shaman) in the Indigenous tradition of the Huichol people of Mexico and offers her leadership skills, traditional ceremonial and ritual work and gifts of healing to the Mesa Life Project and to the broader Sacred Fire Community. As a granicera (weather worker) in the Nahuatl tradition of Mexico she has developed a relationship with the local weather to help in the spiritual balance of climate in Western Colorado. She has dedicated her life to community as an initiated Fire Keeper. Deanna holds a seat on the Council of Elders for both the Marakate Medicine Path Group and a non-profit Temple of Sacred Fire Healing.

Deanna offers to her community celebration, ceremony and ritual for a way of life that connects all to the great circle of life. She performs baptisms, initiation for girls and young women into womanhood, weddings and funerary rites.Through her love of this land she often officiates the ceremonies of honoring the seasons: quieting in the winter and quickening in the spring; joyful celebrations in the summer and gratitude for the harvest in the fall.

She has a righteous seriousness about her love and care of the land, balanced by a playful and often dry sense of humor. Her steadfastness and overall vision of the Mesa Life project provides for many an unquenchable excitement and enthusiasm for a way of life that will sustain generations to come. She knows that this is a greater dream of a need to return to community for the good of the land, the health of the people and the spirits of place.

She found her soul connection to the high desert and Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Deanna comes from the wilds of Montana growing up with a love and mystery of the spirit of place, deep sense of honoring the natural world. She is an avid hiker, explorer, snowshoer and cross country skier. Western Colorado has great snow and beautiful wildflowers. The beauty of the mesas along with the red earth and starkness of the desert make her heart sing.

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