Heart storm invitation letter

The Mesa Life Project has been a little quiet lately but we are busier than ever working to bring the first two residences of the project into existence. Grandfather Fire said that once it is built the people will come. And He is right, they are coming!

We are excited to present Phase I to you with a few photos of our accomplishments. Today, off-grid infrastructure is in place, walls, roof and windows are in with doors being installed next week and some landscaping is completed. In construction terms, we are dried in. Below the homes Bear Paw Village, housing for guests, is coming together. This has all happened with the help of many! Take a look at the fun photos of this summer’s progress.

We need your help in a different way now. We invite you to join us in a series of conversations (zoom calls) to heart storm—to develop a plan to raise the balance of the money needed to complete Phase I and to vision Mesa Life as the demonstration project Grandfather has set us to task with. As a long-term project visioning includes Mesa Life’s gift to many people for generations to come.

Today, we endeavor to live as a village rooted in ancestral shamanic tradition. As we care for the land through our connection to the Grand Mesa, the weather beings, the seasonal ceremonies given to us by Grandfather Fire, our healing work, and daily connection and gratitude, we demonstrate how life can be in relation to all beings, our neighbors and community.

Contact Us: contact@mesalifeproject.org

First Zoom Meeting will be: TBA