“Ovens and bread exemplify how simple connections to land and food
…can heal many ills.”

Alan Scott, Oatlands, Tasmania

Community bake houses have been a part of Villages over the Ages. Historically they were called the hearth, the center of a Village. People came to the Village bake oven to bake, cook, talk… to be with each other. Not every home had it’s own oven, it wasn’t a desirable idea to bake or cook alone.

Mesa Life is building a bake oven together so we can bake together, cook together, eat together, talk, tell stories and celebrate life together. We allow the whole experience to nourish us. Living in the larger western culture we have personal ovens, store bought bread, food and things yet we aren’t nourished. We long for true nourishment, true connection. We as humans and as a community need to come together, we need to roll our sleeves up mix the mud together, gather the wood together, tend the fire together, kneed the dough together, grow the food together, prepare the dishes together and enjoy sitting and eating together. This is our communities, the Mesa Life Project’s, definition of nourishment. This is what a community bake house is the center of.

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