Paige’s whole life has been preparation for the joys and rigors of living in community. From her experience as a worker-owner of a restaurant cooperative, to living in two different intentional communities, to serving as a classroom teacher and participating in the Sacred Fire Community, she has gained a fuller perspective on the commitment and vulnerability it takes to return to village living.

She is passionate about supporting young people and is fiercely protective of their inborn curiosity and wonder. She is gifted in creating opportunities for everyone’s voice to be heard, and their unique gifts and talents honored. An effective and compassionate communicator, she helps promote the containment that provides the safety and openness necessary for healthy conflict, growth and transformation to occur.

“Community is indispensable for people to discover and embrace the gifts they were born to share.”

Paige’s gifts as a teacher spring from her deep and ever-present love of learning, and her undying curiosity about the world around her. In addition to academic studies in biology and education, she is a long-time student of alternative healing and completed her training in 2006 as a Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner.

Life changed dramatically for Paige when she encountered the Sacred Fire Community and discovered a world of kindred souls. Eventually inspired to serve as the SFC’s Events Coordinator, she loves bringing people together for heartfelt connection and revelry. Her relationship with her inner fire continues to connect her with guidance and clarity about living a heart-centered life. She is continually learning to be joyful about surrendering to the will of the gods and letting go of her attachments.

Paige and her husband Chris have long shared a vision of living in community. Their expectation, however, was always that they would join an existing one—not jump off the cliff to start a new community. Feeling herself called back to Colorado, she knew from the moment she visited the land of the Mesa Life Project that she had returned home.

Paige is an unapologetic lover of group process and facilitation. She has years of experience working with consensus and co-facilitating women’s groups and ritual.
When she is not immersed in community projects, she may be found wandering the Mesa talking to the plants, hiking with her dog Lila, or reading a favorite book.

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